About Us
Who We Are
We are a Conservative, Evangelical Church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the North American Mission Board; www.namb.net, the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware; www.bcmd.org and the Delaware Baptist Association; www.delawarebaptist.com.

Our Beliefs

A Brief Statement of Our Beliefs
*  The Bible is the verbally inspired complete Word of God and without error.
*  There is one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
*  All men, due to relationship with the first man, Adam, are guilty of breaking God’s moral law in

    attitude, word and action, and as sinners, deserve sin's penalty, which is present relational separation

    from GOD and without remedy, will result in eternal separation from God in the lake of fire.
*  Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the eternal second Person of the Godhead, who as the virgin-born son of

    Mary, became fully man as He was fully GOD.
*  Jesus Christ is the only Savior, who lived a perfect life and died as man’s substitute for sin’s penalty on

    the cross, and redeems those who repent and believe in Him.
*  Jesus Christ arose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and now sits at the right hand of God.
*  Jesus Christ will physically come again to restore, rule, and reign.
*  Believers will be resurrected to everlasting joy, and unbelievers to everlasting punishment.
*  Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone as revealed in the Scriptures alone

    to the glory of God alone.
*  The Great Commission was given to the Church and the task of world evangelism is the mission of the

    Church today.



Our Mission

"To Glorify God by developing into a Community of Grace where the Love of Jesus Christ, is Received, Lived and Shared by the Power of the Holy Spirit."




Our Purpose

To lead men women and children into a personal faith and relationship with Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior, that is exemplified publicly and privately.



Our Services 

Morning Worship Service  (on Zoom)                   Sunday            12:15 PM                    

Children Of Grace Fundamentals  (on Zoom)      Sunday            12:15 PM

Bible Study & Intercessory Prayer  (on Zoom)     Wednesday        7:15 PM   

Kingdom Builders (meetup.com)                               TBA 

Community Evangelism                                             TBA

L.I.F.E./Biblical Equipping                                          TBA

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